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Davidson County Public Library Hotspots

Many DCS families without devices and/or internet access at home will be in search of free WiFi and perhaps access to a desktop computer.  I wanted to point out that the Davidson County Public Library currently is providing internet access in three ways:


  • Public desktop computers: We are allowing folks inside our buildings for computer access, and, as part of that, we’re prioritizing time on the computers for students who are completing school work. We’ve been asking folks to limit their time inside to 30 minutes, but I know our branch staff is working with patrons if they need more time, especially if it’s for something like school work. If the parent is not planning to sit with the child while he or she is on the computer, they will need to sign a permission form similar to the one schools require.
  • Parking lot WiFi: With the exception of the Lexington branch, all of our branches (Thomasville, North Davidson, Denton, and West Davidson) offer 24-hour WiFi access in their parking lots. I suggest families call in advance for password information. We’re working on improving the WiFi in the Lexington Public Library parking lot. We’ve never had much luck projecting it beyond the building’s walls, but I’m looking into boosting the signal. In the meanwhile, the bookmobile is parked there during hours the library is open, and it serves as a WiFi hot spot.
  • Small hot spot program: Each branch has a few hot spots as part of a program we started before the pandemic. The number of units is very limited, so I would encourage folks to call their local branch in advance to check availability.
  • Other services: Curbside pickup of books, audiobooks, and DVDs, curbside delivery of faxing, scanning, printing, and copying services as well as a wealth of online resources.


Currently, hours at all our locations are limited but are all the same. This could change in the near future, and I’ll be sure to let you know if /when that happens:


Monday through Friday: 9-5:30

Saturday: 10-2


We are contemplating expanding hours to what they were prior to the pandemic as well as opening our facilities for more than just computer access. We’d still face limitations, but folks would be allowed inside for activities like browsing the stacks. If you or any of your colleagues have feedback for us in regard to this, we’d love to hear it. We want to make sure we’re meeting needs as best as we can while maintaining a safe environment.


Thanks and have a great week!


Sheila H. Killebrew, MLIS, NCPLC

Library Director

Davidson County Government

Davidson County Public Library

612 South Main Street

Lexington, NC  27292


[email protected]