Useful Websites


Listed are some wonderful websites for parents and students:


Geography- These sites include many great websites for teachers and students.



Hungry for Math 
Practice using fractions by following a variety of recipes, or play games and take quizzes to reinforce and test your fraction knowledge.

A+ Math 
Practices basic math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


What do they do? 
This site answers the question 'What do they do?" for many different careers. Great for an introduction on careers.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade North Pole games Santa's Secret Village Dr. Seuss Concentration game Clifford Concentration (Finding words with the same middle sound) Match the fruit Concentration Game Starfall (reading)


Colonial Life

Colonial Kids: A Celebration of Life in the 1700's

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Clothing

Colonial House: Interactive History/PBS

Colonial Life






EPA Student Center

Link below to composting (in the fun activities section)

Communities cities community workers neighborhoods Oshkosh Cities- Brooklyn 


Lemonade Stand

Wants/needs pets


Where to Keep money (with sound-just reads the page to you-no real activity)

Health v. Fun Wants



Good or Service?

Mystery workers

Drag worker to job they do

Fake Yellow Pages

Index of sites that have lessons from Econ Ed. 

Clipping Coupons- Bargain Quest "Money flash cards" -Type how much money there is on the screen

What are incentives? -Drag sad/happy smiles to a good incentive and a bad incentive Build Your Community-

Game 1 -Drag items of goods and services that the business offers to the people

Game 2 Identifying natural resources and services -Drag items that are natural resource, services, or neither, and place under the correct heading.

Piggy Bank -Students will perform small jobs and get paid for their work. (Put money into piggy bank).

Matching -Match the picture of the person performing a service to the service he or she provides

City Hall -Who pays for City Hall?

What is a good/service? Good or Service? -Drag items to service or goods column.

Venn Diagram -Drag job duties to correct profession (services)

Choice and incentives Opportunity Cost Matching goods and services

Simple Machines Push and Pull Forces Push/Pull Forces Push/Pull Interactive simple machine game Match pictures of simple machines to their name Simple machine learning site and quiz Lever Spring Simple Machines Info - check out animations, photos, and ideas for an wheel and axle, inclined plane, screw, lever, pulley, and wedge.

Magnets Magnets (Interactive) Magnet Madness - Magnet Webquest 

3rd Grade  

Continents and Oceans Continent matching game Continent and Ocean matching quiz Continents, Countries, and States matching games


My World Game

Where is that U.S. State? Game  

Map Adventure Webquest

Animal Habitats  

Enchanted Learning All habitats has desert and ocean habitats Desert animals Desert animals Desert animals Ocean animals Savanna grassland animals Savannah grassland animals Savannah grassland animals Savanna animals Rainforest animals Rainforest animals Rainforest animals

Continents and Oceans Continent matching game Continent and Ocean matching quiz Continents, Countries, and States matching games

Government Spotty's White House Tour Pictures of rooms in the White House

Sun, Earth, and Moon

Space Websites!/midspac.html Kids Click Yahooligans NASA Kids Astronomy for Kids




Planets How much would you weigh on another planet How old would you be on another planet

4th Grade

Animals Animal games - Many animal sites for different animals - Animal quizzes - Animal concentration - Animal Cams - Animal Senses - Animal Facts - Kids go Wild animal site - DNR site for kids - Eek! - N.E.W. Zoo, Green Bay (Includes a web cam) - National Zoo - animal information and pictures - Search site for North American animals - search by location, name, family tree, or conservation status - Information, pictures, and sounds of different animal kingdoms - Animal Planet

5th Grade

Writing a Bibliography  


Landform Pictures

Landform Webquest

Another Landform Webquest

Illustrated Glossary (Enchanted Learning)


Map of Northeast Region

State Landform maps and other information 

Animated Boundary Change Map of USA 

Find Your Longitude Game 

Economics for Kids 

Peanuts and Crackerjacks Economy Game 

Consumer Decisions- Interactive Online Ecomony Lesson 

State Symbols and Information 


Discovering Regions Webquest 

Discovering Regions Teacher Page 

U.S. Regions Pathfinder 

50 States Lessons and Websites 

Government Sites for each State for Kids 

U.S. State Detective Game 

U.S. Geography Games 

Economics Games 

American History Games